Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hawks games, Big names!

Wow that was a game! I honestly cant say that I have never  been to a bigger event, and I have been to a few! From the Bartman ball to Super bowls, to the Sox series, and Bulls Championships, But......

I don't think I have ever been to anything like that game one last night, there are no metaphors that can sum it up.

Better than the game was the people, Man the city and states mover and shakers were there. from local politicians to sports stars they were all there.

My favorite of the night was when I was with Mayor Bradley Stevens of Rosemont when he introduces me to John Cullerton the President of the Illinois State senate.

And here is where's there's always the "Ray-est of the story" So I ask this big shot politician , Hey your a Winfield Cullerton aren't you?, That when we took the trip down memory lane, His brothers and I went to school together, and I had some wild "First experiences" at his parents house, I could see my friend Mayor Brad Stephens squirm as he had to wonder what the heck Ramblin' was gonna say. Nice to know that the Winfield guy hasn't forgot where he has come from.

And then there's was "my guys" Kurt, Jamie, Mel, Brian, these are buddies and they run the gamut from body builders to Snowmobile performance workers, and construction guys. I cant imagine a better group of guys to have shared the night with.

But that's Chicago, Big shots and regular folks all there for the love of a sport, For the love of two original six teams. like I said yesterday this town needs a lift, I understand that Boston suffered a horrible terriost act and that town has been hurting, But lost in the shuffle seems to be the horrendous violence that our city goes through every weekend.

Until at least Saturday, This city, and you and me can revel in one of the single greatest games in NHL history, and sporting history every!

Go hawks!


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