Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Playoff pits to Radio bits...

Its Stanley cup time in town, The Hawks are the big deal, I vaguely remember a management type at this a certain radio station earlier this year telling me the Hawks aren't that big of a deal. I scoffed at the time, This has become a Hawks town.

With no hopes of October baseball in the next several years, And the Bears lost in the Cutler years we have to understand that this has became a "hawkey" town to quote Jonathon Toews. We should revel in it!

I remember pretending to be the Golden Jet as a kid on the "Cow Pond" in the north woods back in the day, I used to strap the skates on as soon as the ice would freeze. I cant tell you how many times my sister and the Hennessey clan fell in that water, Or how many time we were chased by the Kline farms cows up the dead fall tree that seemed to fall just perfect so the neighborhood kids could break free of the crazy cows that seemed to think of hockey the same way as that certain management type.

The reason for this being "Hawkey" town is two or three fold, As an original six team this town loves its Hawks that's a given.

Now other than Kaner goofing off a little, have you every heard of a Hawks player getting a DUI? Ever hear of a Hawks player doing anything bad? No....that's because of a guy named Jay Blunk. Jay is the guy who keeps the guys in suit and tie and out of trouble. To tell you the truth I could use a guy like that to keep me in line.....

In a town where people are struggling to keep schools open, and the gridlock in Springfield is tighter than the McCaskey's grips on their wallets, Its good to have the Hawks. So let people not cut their grass in the name of playoff lawns, Grow those beards, and lets not forget the women wont shave their pits, Or my kid who hasn't taken off his Shaw jersey in what seems like 2 months, (he loves Shaw) this town needs something to get lost in.

And from a selfish point of view this all makes for fun radio, So you keep the pits, and I promise we will provide the radio bits.

Hawks in 7!

Drop the puck and lets do this.


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