Monday, June 24, 2013

Meet Ditka my Mom and Dads Bear!

So over the weekend I'm at Mom and Dads. We spent  a day on the lake, Our lake is pretty busy on any given weekend , And at times it can be a task to find the fish.

Now I could stay on the pier, drown minnows and catch largemouth all day long but that's boring.

So we load up the pontoon, grab the leech's, crawlers, and minnows and set forth. Now mind you we are fishing from the pontoon, Not the Lund Pro V Fisherman that I would like. I have no electronics, But I know the lake. My folks have had this place for 40 years.

 I go to this spot where I know I can get on some fish. fishing with mom and dad has changed, Used to be pops ran the show and he could always land big,... I mean big fish.

Now its like fishing with my kids I bait the hooks, And I take off the fish, I toss out the markers so we can drift over the place I know the fish are(or should be), I run the boat, I handle the net. I'm the guide. and I'm fine with that.

We get on fish, I put most back but keep one Walleye so mom and dad can fry em' up. I filet  them up, and I toss the fish guts out in the woods, Now I know we have a Wolve in the area, so I have a little concern. I don't want to throw them on the shore because I don't want the seagulls, Or the Eagles pooping all over the dock and the boats.

So I toss them in the woods. Pretty far away from the house but not far enough.........that was at about 3:30 in the afternoon at about 530, we have a visitor. I come around the side of the house and their she is.  A big sow, and she's 15 feet from me. I about have a grabber, Seldom do we see Bears near mom and dads. Yes there are bears in the area but not where my kids roast marsh mellows. So while you know they are in the woods the pretty much stay away from places where there's  not that much food. You see them on garbage day, you see them crossing a road now and then, But you don't see them in Mom and dads yard!

It was a comedy.....I'm telling my mom there's a Bear, and she says "what come over there?" No Bear! this picture is from the picture window of their house.

Mom feeds the deer by hand, I think it may be time to stop tossing food out to them. This momma bear just wants here share. In 40 years this is only the third time I have seen a Bear in this area. I love it, I will send more pictures if she hangs around.

I have named the Bear Ditka.

I wont be sad if Ditka doesn't  stick around, neither will my kids.... we have marshmallows to roast!

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