Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ray Ray Road watch, And the first picture of the Cup 2013

So last night my buddies are calling lets go out to the this, lets go out to that, Where ya wanna watch that game?

The choice was simple, With my kids..... My son is an athlete, My cassie the youngest is a nut. She made posters and had her Hawks pillow pets all lined up. It was "Game on"

It was around February when Conner was hurt bad in a wrestling accident, The Blackhawks called and asked "How can they help" My reply was my kid is a huge fan of Andrew Shaw, can he give him a quick call? The answer was yes and he now has a fan for life.

But to me the real question is how did he know, Shaw is a newcomer, But my kid was quick to recognize  his skills, and work ethic, He loved that he was a scrapper, and never backs down. His mom raises him with compassion, I raise him with a don't take crap attitude. Always be polite but be firm.

I think that I see a lot of Shaw in my kid, and I love it. that kind of passion will take you a long way no matter what you choose to do in this trip around the sun.

I'm still learning from his mom, She tells me to believe,  That's something I need to do more. Believe. I'm working on that!

Sometime this week I will retire my 99 sweater and get a Shaw one, Just like Adam Burish he embodies Chicago, He's tough, He can show the other so-called stars in this town how to walk with a swagger.

To the US99.5 Fans that have been calling in on this Stanly Cup ride you are awesome , Not sure how many more years I have Round here. But your my extended family. When we got to the Hawks party this morning you guys welcomed Lisa and I like we played last night. That's something that some radio guys will never feel. Thank you....

enjoy the party's and the Parades, Were doing stuff that a lot of our parents never had a chance to see. I hope we can Get one for Cubs fans soon, Although I'm a sox fan,it would just make this city go nuts, And Cub fans you deserve this feeling.

And as far as Andrew Shaw, Come to think of it I see a little bit of my kid in him! And that's the biggest compliment I can give the guy.

Congrats to The 2013 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks!


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  1. That is so awesome that you watched it with yours kids because you could have watched it anywhere you wanted to.
    I think is really cool that you and Lisa could go and party with the Hawks and touch the cup. I can only dream of such a thing.
    I did however go to the store and buy a bunch of goodies so that we can celebrate the Hawks bringing home the cup here at work.