Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dad, I have to tell you something but you can't be mad.....

That's never a good way to start. As matter of fact that pretty much pisses me off right there.

That came in the way of a text message to me last night while I was talking with my daughter. So I forgo the usual question and wait for it. Shes a good kid. So I know she not pregnant, But who knows its been one of those years. So I thought what the heck I will wait and let it come to me.

So after a while of looking at my I phone and that goofy I message icon that stays on the lower right side of the message box to let you know someone is typing, I waited.

I thought wow, Perhaps.......Ah no cant be that bad she still expects me to take her and her boyfriend to Toby for his graduation present. The other gift she wanted was to take him to a Cubs game. I guess the On field access and the great seats weren't enough. So we will be with the Tob and his group of lunatics on Sunday. (Honestly she sang the anthem so they were her tickets)

I'm always the last to know, Gina the Step mom is the one who knows everything, Vicki her mom who I get along great with, she knows, I'm sure the network of her friends know. But the Guy, The one Guy she would call first if she needed something didn't know.

Daddy my cars warning light is on, Daddy when can we go to Nashville, Daddy ..........You get the idea, I'm the first to call and the last to know.

"Daddy I have a  tattoo on my foot"...I got it with my best friend it says "Love is louder" its our favorite quote from our favorite singer" Its means no matter what happens in our life , Love would always overcome anything.

OK so I'm not gonna be a Grandfather whew that's cool! Thank you Jesus.

But wait do I have Miley Cryus on my hands? A quick bit of advise is this: Tattoo's are forever so don't paint yourself. Again I have to thankful  it could be worse, and after all dad has a few so how can you frame up an argument. And after all I like the meaning of her tat.

In a few weeks she will be off to College, The kid is talented and has a big heart. She loves her friends and values her relationships. And she never gives me reason to worry. Really as far as kids go she about as good as it gets

She's always quick with an "I love you daddy" and really should be a little more aloof for her age, but there's still time for that, And as far as I know she never been in any kind of trouble with anyone.... But to know that I  guess I would have to ask her step mom, Like I said.

First to help, last to know! Kids...

My reply was "There's nothing you can do that will run me off"



  1. have done us Dad's proud. Good job...

  2. Congrats - Your baby is growing up....but she still needs approval from Daddy!! I hope all her decisions will be made with constraint. I've seen too many young girls with nasty tattoo's (poor quality) on their arms, neck, legs - yeesh! I saw one girl with what appeared to be a red/blue bird (mascot from high school maybe) that covered her upper arm. That would be nasty on a guy - what was she thinking??

    I encourage anyone who's thinking ink is the way to go to watch "Tattoo nightmare". All these people thought whatever they are covering up NOW was a good idea THEN.
    Thanks for sharing Ray!