Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Pic of Dat Tat

Well here it is OMG! This is the tattoo I didn't know about on my kids foot  that I wrote about yesterday.

I like it, (I guess I have too) Again the meaning behind the tattoo is that her and her bestie are just that, Best friends through it all.

I remember my best friend Fritz, we thought it would be a great idea to slit our arms and tie our forearms together and watch the sunrise come up after a night of debauchery in the Colorado mountains. We were brothers, Compadres, Besties

I don't think I have seen my blood brother more than once in the last 15 years. But the scar is forever. I hope the same will not ring true for my baby.

Ah kids, I love to watch her spirit grow, and I refuse to let the egos of adults stand in her way.

Lets do good in the hood!!!

Click on that link and Ride with a ton of Chicago riders for a great cause, If you want to ride with Me and US99.5 Listeners we will start at Nielson Enterprises in Lake Villa. than have a police escort from Lake Villa to Elgin. Going to be a blast for a great cause!

Who know perhaps we will become best friends and get a tattoo!

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