Friday, June 28, 2013


Congratulations to your 2013 Stanley Cup Champs! Enjoy the ride now here are some rules.

Don't look the CPD directly in the eyes... you will go to jail.

Don't you dare jump a fence, You will be arrested.

Don't bring your Grandmother its too hot for her here.

Don't use more than four squares of toilet paper in any Porta John.

If you look suspicious your going to Guantanamo.

You get the idea, This is a celebration yet the rules have been laid down, We get it, Gonna be a big crowd, The city doesn't want any problems not hard to understand.

Winning a championship like this is good for most but a headache for the Police, FBI, and every other agency that protects this city.Lets face it we live in a different time.

Its bad enough for authority's on any given summer day,  You have your thug trouble makers that are here looking for trouble, You have suburban moms that will be mad at the first sight of someone peeing on a tree (and there will be a lot of that) And then there's the constant threat that a crowd this large brings to a major city.

Different times indeed.

How about we do this, You get in any trouble and you have to endure a Andrew Shaw beat down for 30 seconds, Trust me that's more than you can handle! No 26th and California, Just a beat down then I'm pretty sure you will behave!

Here's the plan just have fun. I get so tired of all the fear, This is fun, This isn't the Bulls, there were no fires, No cars overturned, so far other than a few tired livers were doing ok.

My advise to anyone in this town, and this go's for any day or night your down here, Be nice. Be Firm. And when someone wearing a star tell you to go the other way, Go the other way, Go the other way. They have zero tolerance today.

This is Chicago, These are different time, I wish it could be as laid back as the Winfield good old days but it cant.

Different times indeed. I mean this is the second Championship in 3 years. Are we really in Chicago?

Enjoy Be Safe!


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