Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Rally, The Rahm, and why you turn the radio dial.

Ok, I will say it out loud. I don't like then Mayor of Chicago, I think he a pompass ass and a ballet dancer, and I mean no disrespect to dancers.

Why do politicians feel the need to put themselves in font of us when we are trying to thank a team for playing, We don't care what they say, we don't like what they do, and lets face it this state is a broke down joke.

Full disclosure, I like Pat Quinn, I cringed as he was mercilessly booed at the rally yesterday at Hutchinson field. Not unlike the time he was booed at George Strait concert  for proclaiming it "George Strait day.

But they don't get the idea, they just show up and push themselves into our world. They just forge on when the boos persist. I like Pat, But the masses don't understand that the gridlock in this state is caused by Mike Madigan, Not Quinn. And the funny thing is when it comes time to vote you will probably elect his daughter Lisa as the Governor. Then in 2 years you will boo her, Why? because no ones  does their homework. Quinn is an honest guy who feels he's doing whats right. If you don't like him don't boo, Vote for someone else. And to those that vote straight party, Perhaps its time to not be a blue state, It doesn't seem to be working out that well does it?

As far as the Hawks rally, Have you even seen anything like that? 2 million people that came to cheer the players and the cup, and the cuss words of Corey Crowford.That certainly made media bosses jump for the delay button they couldn't  seem to find. Simply Priceless. Crowford's they played their #%%$# Nuts off was awesome.

From eight to eighty in age, and from every neighborhood in Chicago they came, Some I'm sure couldn't tell you a thing about the game but who cares. Yesterday was holiday in our city, a break from the shootings and the bad news. And for one day in late June it was Christmas all over again. Chicago you deserved that.

As far as turning the radio dial, Perhaps we as the hosts in radio should understand your boos, And take stock that if your booing these guys in person, Your probably switching stations when we are dumb enough to have them on.

You deserve to be free of them when you listening to our goofy show  get away from the real world too!



  1. Used to vote straight red but voted blue once in a while only because nothing seems to change even if I do vote straight red. Quinn isn't a bad guy...he just falls behind Madigan who is the real problem. Great rally even though I had to work....

  2. Thanks for saying what MANY feel!!!!! Love ya!!!!

  3. Tell it like it is Ray! That's what we love about you!

  4. Figures a Short Little Man like yourself would have a Half ass take on this. Look in the mirror idiot