Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hawks, Shallow observations, and I agree with Jesse Jackson?

Wow hawks fans ya have to be more than a little concerned,

This Bruin team reminds me of the 2010 Hawks, fast, Big, and up 2 game to 1. I cringed last night watching the brutal Hawks power play. Its funny how things go and I ought to bite my tounge and believe, But this is not good.

Last night the Hawks lost 40 face offs and in the first period looked like they were stuck to the ice, Corey Crawford did a heck of a job but a little help please....

And I know I shouldn't hate, but someone needs to take out Brad Marchand, Oh get ready if you think it was rough last night just wait till game 4, The Bruins can feel a  cup Championship, That coupled with the desperation of the beloved, and your going to have an Ali- Frasier knock down drag out.

Boston strong, Yes I understand the rally cry. But today I agree with an article in the Chicago Sun Times by Jesse Jackson, "Inner city's need disaster relief too" We get Goosebumps when America comes together after a Tornado, a Hurricane, or even the Boston bombing. We hold hands, wave flags, and we claim that we will stand together. and we will not be defeated.

Well that's all good, But America has a 30 second memory, We move on we heal, we forget. Forgotten along the way is the inner city's especially Chicago, This past weekend 40 shootings  seven deaths, Happy fathers day weekend.

Now the guy who's removed from the situation out in nowhere USA blames the Inner city people, I even say a face book comment that said "They prey on each other, They cause the problem" when do we stand up and say we wont allow this anymore? when do we stop the BS and try to find a solution, People need to be held accountable, Look in today's Chicago news I think that no less than four politician in the 'Bad areas" are heading to jail for some type of corruption. we need to stand up and put them away for a long time, Enough of the Chicago way. This includes Jesse Jr.

I don't know the fix, But there are no jobs, There's no money and when you need to feed your family it  turns into a game of survival, the only way out for most these kids are the gangs. Its sad. Perhaps one day one of these guys we elect will do what they say, We cant just continue to be our brothers keeper. We need a solution, other than a handout to those in need. We need jobs, we need parenting,

And don't sell me some BS about gun control and more laws, This thugs don't go to sportmart to buy there guns, and there not carrying a FOID card, they don't hunt, Laws don't stop the lawless.

In short we need disaster relief, it has taken us 100 years to screw things up, Time to go to work.

Shallow observations,

what's the over-under on the Kayndashian baby to be in rehab?

Someone slap Bieber, Enough already.

Random rants I know..., Go Hawks.


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