Monday, June 17, 2013

The weekend was off the hook!

That was a fast coupla days, Of Couse Saturday was the day everyone was waiting for , Luke Bryan, The Blackhawks, The B-96 Summer bash and of course my niece Rachelle's Graduation. all on Saturday, all events that I had to attend.

That Luke is a Handsome man, big time fun, and his bus resembles a million dollar deer hunting stand, I can honestly say that that was one of the most rocking shows I have been to in a while, Now mind you the last big show I was at was the Stones at the UC so it was good to see the more lively, and certainly better looking US99.5 crowd! We do have awesome listeners, backstage I had a chance to hang with half the Notre Dame football team, Trust me they are tired of Manti Tao jokes.....Too bad!

On to the UC, Just about everyone on Saturday was full on in Hawks gear. Usually I always wear my Hawks jersey-sweater, However when its 85 and humid I need to go to some type of tee shirt so I went to Dicks, bad idea on a Stanley cup game day. To add to the craziness, Jeremy Roneck was there signing autographs. This town is Hawks crazy.

I did make it up for the second and third periods, another overtime game. From my vantage point that WAS a goal that was taken away from the beloved, But the NHL  rules are once a ref loses sight of the puck the play stops. Oh well, On to Bean town tonight. Need to gain home ice advantage again. was a small party at the house, Intermingled throughout the day was my crazy sons watching of the Animal Planet channel and Eric Young's "Off the Hook" fishing show, we also watched the new episodes of "Turtle Man" last night Turtle man had to rescue a deer from a resale show somewhere down in Kentucky, It was a huge 8 point buck with a widespread, For once I was actually impressed with the T man. Although I would never get in a pond and search out turtle that could sanp my foot off. Guys insane. Best question came from my daughter who said "dad this guy gets paid for this show right? then why cant he afford to fix his teeth"....

Dads day was fun, never need any big gifts and really the best gift a guy can get is the homemade card from Cassidy, when you get a Cassie card it means that she spent the better part of a day crafting, and making a card so awesome that no amount of money could ever buy!

Today it's Cheryl Crow in studio and the 99 and 1/2 days of Lisa and Rays summer roll on....Enjoy!

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