Friday, July 12, 2013

big Johns ex wife, And Im in love with someone named Wally?!

Last Night I was out on the town, I know shocker right? I met up with some old high school buddies on a lakefront cruise, My buddy Ed Kling who I have been in cahoots with since our days at West Chicago High school somehow had a business party and invited half of our graduating  class. Not sure why I was there but there was free beer, a band and the Chicago Skyline, Oh and Wally was there!

I have known these guys forever, they know my real last name, They knew who broke my heart, They know where the body's are buried.They know where I got my truck stuck. They know my twin sister. Here I'm known as Ray Ray, "Ramblin " to these guys is nothing more than an Allman brothers band song.

Last night Wally was there, Let me tell you about Wally. Perfection, Class, and one of the sweetest most genuine people I have ever known. My buddies and I would have dated her but we never had a chance. She met Kurt Schmidt who had all the attributes she had! I love it when you see people you genuinely liked back in the day and they are doing well. I thought I would post her picture because she's awesome, She's on the right in this picture. On the left Is Stacy Johnston. The world needs more people like this!

The other woman that caught my eye was the former soul mate of my buddy Big Juan Howl. We just call her CR.

We sent big John the picture of us and he wasn't happy. With her, He said "Don't you hang out with him" And I know why. He loves me and always will. I went through that divorce with him. She's funny and fun and showed  me pictures of their son Will who I think looks just like the Big man. John and I have story's that we can never share. We were radio thugs. we should have been arrested.

I guess the point to this blog is in this world of getting kids through school. Trying to keep the house paid for and your kids on the right track its  always nice to stop and look back. It may make looking forward more focused.


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