Thursday, July 11, 2013

People are crazy, and Ray Ray just like the "Highway" Don't care.

On our Lisa and Ray face book today First job Chris posted a picture of a bike (motorcycle) I'm riding this summer, It not a Harley!

Full disclosure, I have never owned a bike I have always done a deal with a dealership. Usually it was someone wanting me to ride so I can help a charity. I'm a gearhead, When I was eight I found the governor on my dads lawnmower. I learned that with a flip if the carb linkage I could mow the yard ten minutes faster. I love anything with a motor.

When I was a kid I had the typical dirt bike, from a Honda 50 to a CR 250. After high school I just didn't have the desire to ride. Mostly because I was a huge water skier and I would rather be on the water, And any extra money I had I dumped into my snowmobiles.

The Harleys I have ridden were a Bad Boy springer. Fat Boy, Road King and a Screamin' Eagle street glide. Again they were demos from Harley, I did several rides all for great causes. And I must admit if you want people to open wallets for a good cause no one is more giving than the bikers.

Now with that said here's my rant, Some lady on our FB had to bust on the fact its not a product of Milwaukee, Not a Harley. I don't care, and honestly after riding this thing 2 miles I could tell that it was smoother, better balanced and was more user friendly than what I had ridden prior. I'm not 16 anymore I don't need pipes and beach bars, I'm quite secure with who I am.

I have friend's that are real bikers, Not the ones that put on a pair of chaps toss a leg over their first bike and think they are  jonny badass. Some of the guys I roll with have been presidents of the badest bike club in the land, With out naming names this "club" once did security for the Rolling Stones. I ride with these guys and they don't care what I ride.

But Suzie Schaumburg thinks she has the right to bust out the bike I ride, Ray Ray don't care. I'm not a biker, I'm a guy lending a voice to a charity to raise money for kids with brain tumors.

Now don't get me wrong I knew that someone would have something crass to say, Its just the way the world rolls.

Suzie Schaumburg is entitled to her onion, Just remember if you do ride, Ride  with someone else don't ride with me.

Thanks to Ted Nielson for including me in this ride we are "Doin' Good In The Hood"


  1. I don't understand people and their obsession for only Harley!! My hubby owns a Honda and hopes to upgrade from his 750four super sport to a Shadow soon. In my opinion if your on a bike its respect for all not just certain names, brands or types! We rented a Harley in February when we were out in Vegas, it was a nice bike still getting our shadow though!

  2. I love Harleys. I'm just not buying a bike anytime soon Kid in college!

  3. Tell it like it is Ray !!! SCREW HATERS !!! Enjoy your ride and be safe.

  4. Your so right Ray, enjoy your "BIKE". It's not what you ride it's what you do in your life that makes YOU who you are! Go RAY RAY!

    Speedo Man

  5. Way to go Ray. My man rides a Gold wing trike because of bad knees and he loves to ride. We've been told it's not a real bike! real bikers don't care what you ride. Just have fun and be safe!

  6. At this point isn't it about the kids with brain tumors? Nuff said! BUT I will say that Ted Nielsen (whom I personally know) is a good guy with a good heart as are you, Ray! Put up or shut up people, join the ride to raise funds and awareness. It's about the cause, not the bike you ride for it! Have fun Ray Ray!