Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ditka and my Mom

Ditka, (That's the name I gave the bear that's hanging around my mom and dads house) was back last night. I guess around dusk last night Da Coach came back and was slamming the door on the hot tub house.
I don't know why the bear keeps coming back to Grandmas....... I think its the same reason my kids like to go there endless spoiling, campfires and s'mores made with Almond Joy bars, Oh and the fish cleaning house, and the gut pile from my kids bullfrog hunting.
My mom is like Snow White, She could walk though the woods and have birds land on her hand. Not because she the "Wild Animal Whisperer" but because she feeds the critters. Mistake!
Here's an idea, don't leave left over doughnuts for the deer. Don't feed the chipmunks, But she doesn't care. The kids when they go up want to see the Bear although they wont leave the house at night, Which is kind of cool that way I can hang out on the dock in peace.
Lisa and I are going on vacation next week, Both to the woods. I will try get some pictures of the coach!


  1. I really miss the Northwoods...we sold Mom and Dad's place outside of Minocqua 2 years after Dad passed away in 2009...Enjoy Ray...
    dave from Schaumburg

  2. Super disappointed that I missed you up in the Northwoods last week! I love that place. Our place is between Eagle River and Conover. Nothing better than getting up there in God's country for some peace, quiet, and fishing. Love reading your blog we are two peas in a pod!