Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Think you had a tough day? Think again.

Last night had a chance to hang with some bad asses. Some young adults and some young kids who have been through hell.

Working with St Jude I know what a kid with cancer goes though, To survive they have to be stronger than one can imagine, Then after treatment they are left with the repercussions of Chemo and procedures that affect many of the body's functions.

Last night I hosted an event for the pediatric brain tumor foundation, The kids were awesome and full of hope. They were also  quick to share the storys of what they have been through, and why not? they are soldiers in a fight we have win. And after talking to them there's no doubt we WILL win!.

The parents were thankful that I have agreed to host their motorcycle ride and get US99.5 to back it up on the air, They know that the cure is in the research, and research costs money. So were gonna raise a lot of it for the cause.

I was talking to a mom of a young lady who told me she bought an outfit to bury her daughter in when she was one year old, She told me that she had heard how hard it was to buy an outfit for her little girl in the emotion of her passing. So she bought a beautiful white dress so she could be ready.That was 23 years ago. she never had to use it.

This past week I have been at three fundraisers for this stuff, One day we wont have to do these anymore. We have to have hope for mothers and fathers that are burying their baby's, sisters that are burying their sisters and so on. No one should have to bury a baby.

Sunday July 21st we will ride for a cure, Join me and my lunatic friends as we meet at Nielson Enterprises in Lake Villa at 8 am. we will than ride to the "Ride for a cure" site in Elgin for a day of fun.

Below is the link for info.

Thanks for your help and enjoy the ride, and remember if you have a Sh*t day, be glad your not going through what these kids are going through.


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  1. Ray, Thank you for tirelessly giving your time & talent to help cancer research. As a friend of the Montgomerys from Bourbonais, I can tell you that cancer research does work!