Monday, July 8, 2013

Eating Bullfrogs, Doin'good in the hood, A turtle, and the beating I took this weekend.

How was your weekend? mine was busy. I had a fun weekend with my kids and family, My son discovered how to "Gig" Bullfrogs. Yeah this is what happen's when you watch too many episodes of turtle man.

He caught em' Cleaned em' and we cooked em' pretty cool really. And they were really good!

My Daughter was walking near Grandma and Grandpas and found a cool paint turtle, Now I don't know much about turtles but I know that it was a late spring and she was probably going to nest and lay eggs. My Daughter wanted to keep it, No I said, we will get one at Petsmart this one will stay in the wild.

I'm told by a lot of people up north that they have seen an unusual amount of turtles this year. This one was a good distance from the water so we let it be. I'm sure we will see some babies soon!

Yesterday I was part of a big cancer benefit for Don Furland a St Charles fireman. Don is in a fight for his life and insurance is not covering much. It was cool to see all his fire and police brothers come out and support his cause.

If you can help in anyway, Contact the St Charles Fire department.

Finally, I did a "Celebrity" Roast of mayor Brad Stephens at Zanies in Rosemont. It was billed as a "playful" Roast. The Emcee was Pat McGann a local comic who had a lot of fun busting on me, Laughed at my hair cut, Made fun of country in Chicago, you know all the stereo typical things that country represents.

I had fun picking on the Mayor, and some of the other roasters but honestly I didn't know who they were. Lets face it if your cutting your weekend short to roast the mayor of Rosemont your basically not headlining in Vegas and time soon......

With one exception, The guy who was last (and for good reason) was Tim Wilkoe. He's a local Chicago comedian who does play Vegas, and every major laugh joint in the country. He was fun, and funny, Clean, and did an awesome job. Its not easy doing any kind of standup.

I took this night serious and wrote 5 minutes of my best stuff, and I'm told I did quite well although for some reason, I did my fair share of using profanity. It wasn't planned, It just happened. I guess I was nervous. But at the end of the night Tim shook my hand and said good job. Your funny. That and the fact that money went to the Bear Necessity's cancer foundation made it worth it!

I'm told dying is easy, comedy is hard. I now know that first hand!


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