Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Cup runneth over!

Yesterday the Cup, The Cup of Lord Stanley made an appearance at the CBS studios.

There was a line of people that stretched out for what seemed like 15 city blocks. At least that's what I was told. I knew it was coming but I opted to go home instead.

I loved the Hawks run this year, But its over, they won, and now half the team has been traded or will be by the end of the week.

By the time this Summers over that cup will have been fondled more than Lindsey Lohan after a 60 day stint in rehab, And if you want your picture with it trust me you will have your chance!

I guess my deal is this, We love the cup for what it represents, Hard work, Grit, and toughness. But we watch from a couch. I take a look around at my friends and co-workers, and I see people that need to get involved. You feel like your involved. But truth is your just sitting on a couch.

Don't get me wrong I love what this team did for the city, Its an escape and I understand we all came together but its over!

The bottom picture is of me after winning the 250 class championship at Eagle River Wisconsin, If your a snowmobile racer this is thee place to win. It pits the best drivers in the world against the toughest track anywhere. Its high banked corners and paperclip shape will make a fool of the most experienced driver. I never thought I would win Eagle River but after a few thousand practice laps, Listening and learning from my friends and working as a team we won it last year.

Now that's a trophy I can hold and say "wow we did that". Same thing goes for any Run, Tri, or bike ride I do.

Lord Stanley's Cup is awesome for what it represents . And what an awesome accomplishment for those that were on the Ice, and all those names will endure the test of time. My names not on it, You see I was on a couch watching. You don't go down in history for sitting on the sidelines.

In this my life my Cup runneth  over, and I have the trophy's to prove it. Make sure you participate in life its later than you think!


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