Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ramblin Ray at Zanies one night only!

That's right tip the waiters try the veal. I'm not sure I'm tortured enough to be able to tap into the hurt that most stand up comics seem to endure.

But this Saturday night its the roast of the "Mayor" Bradley Stephens The Mayor of Rosemont I'm not sure how this will go, But here's what I have to work with.

The Mayor looks like the old mean guy from the Despicable me Movie.

His wife is 30 years younger than he is.

He's a friend so I know his history, In other words know where the body's are buried. Perhaps a bad term.

He's like 60 and he has a new born, I feel a diaper joke coming on.

He wants the Cubs to come to his town, But cant even land a casino (That went to Des Planes)

He hangs out at the "Comic Con Convention dressed as Han Solo"

Wears a Robe with black socks

Come out Saturday night I think this will be fun, and Easy.

Zanies is in the Entertainment district in Rosemont .


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