Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good news there's a baby on the way......

Ok so there's no baby on the way but maybe......did you here this mornings nonsense? Its the Maybe baby name, So here's the deal you meet a perspective dude or chick that could have long term possibility's  so you talk about what you would potentially name your hatch, Your  off spring, your "maybe babies?

Sound crazy? Yeah I think so too. I mean at one point are you so desperate to close a deal that you would actually engage in this kind of nonsense, Lets face it if you partake in this exercise your probably already planning on who goes to whose house on Christmas eve, and where you go Christmas day.

Ah the relationship and dating fun! On second thought why not goof off and pick fake names, might as well even fake a birth. Have fun because when the real babies come it gets serious. Hell why not even fake a girlfriend that why the drama quotient goes way down.

wonder what Manti Tao's "maybe babies" name was?

Its a crazy world.


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