Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pictures of the Baby!

Big day yesterday, Huge day, Monumental day! the new wheels arrived at the bike shop. This was Cassie's birthday present for the big 10, The "Double Digit" birthday if you will. She was excited! I have one going away to Nashville and one rolling down the Cul de sac.

I love to ride bikes, But I do it to keep from being huge. Kids do it because they are kids. Today I will break out my mountain bike and ride with her, No clip in shoes, no fancy garb today. Today we ride for the freedom that a cool new bike provides.

Don't let this kind of stuff be exclusive to kids. Do something that makes you be a kid again, For me and this is a hard one, I love being out late. Just listening to the night. I also love the early morning. Today I will love the feel of a bike path with a little girl and her new ride!

Man how cool would our lives be if everything we wanted could be as easy as getting  a new bike, Its what being a kid was all about, The so called "second" mode of transportation for a kid. Get out and do something that makes you a kid again today.

Its just may put some of those other things you want or need in perspective


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  1. I can totally relate !! My daily bicycle rides not only make me feel like a kid again, it destresses me, keeps me in shape and reminds me just what these strong "linebacker" legs can do!! Head to Eagle River and it's the best therapy ever!!