Monday, July 22, 2013


Thanks to all that were nice enough to share the ride with us yesterday!

I had a chance to host the "Ride for Kids" ( this picture to the left is Mel, She is tough as nails been through more than any kid should have to endure. She has the bluest eyes you could ever see.

I chose not to go to the Aldeen show due to the fact I had to get up at 430 a.m. to get ready to ride and head up to Lake Villa, it was a good choice.

The kids are overwhelming, There are fighters, survivors, and so are their family's. beautiful baby's and young adults who have made it. The problem with cancer is the drugs are strong, The chemo is tough and you can see that it has its lasting effects, The money raised will help research. Research is where we will find the cure.

Next year I want you to join us. It was a great event!

The reason I rode is due to Ted Nielsen, He owns Nielsen Enterprises in Lake Villa, He asked if I would lend a voice and put me on the Vulcan in the photo below. His heart and soul is in the ride and it shows.

I want to thank the Lake Country police and every town along the route that escorted thousands of bikes.

I'm humbled that I was part of your day.

Thanks to those that help we're kicking cancers ass!



  1. Ray ,guy you Rock Man !! Very cool taking time out for the kids and cancer ride ,think I'm going to buy a ride now too ,thanks for the inspiration guy

  2. Ray, I've listened to you on the radio since the Katman days! I remember the announcement when your daughter Cheyenne was born! That means I'm getting old - and so are YOU! I was thrilled to have my picture taken with you after the ride (the crazy lady that was so "star struck" I said - you don't have to hug me! )And my friends snapped the picture! I've been a volunteer for this ride for several years and I can't tell you how much we need your help to promote the ride! Thank you so much for stepping up and making it happen for us in Chicago! We all do it for the kids...and need to keep doing it! I listen to you and Lisa every morning - you guys rock! It's so fun to have seen you and now I have a face with the voice!

  3. I hope you enjoyed the time you carved out of your life to help the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundations' Ride for Kids, as much as we enjoyed having you at the event. Your truly Heavyweight Efforts helped bring in the riders and donations that fund so much important research. I was one of the photographers who captured you at the Balloon event and at the Ride, and I have rarely seen a celebrity (and you truly deserve that accolade) who brought so much heart into a cause.

    Interesting coincidence, I became hooked on US 99.5 at the recommendation of my fellow rider Pat (see her comments above), who I can absolutely guarantee is totally hooked on Country in general and your show in particular. YES, she was star struck when she met you at the ride. Never saw her speechless before.