Tuesday, July 23, 2013

And this ones kinda crazy, And she'll always be the baby!

Ten years ago today my life was changed for the better. That is when Little Cassidy Anne was born to the lovely Gina and Me. I remember it like it was....ten years ago.

This one is her own sort of unique, We have the Glam Singer, we have the Jock stud, and we have Cassidy. Cassie is cool, she's smarter than the rest were at her age, She has style that's all her own and can make the best duct tape flowers of any little girl anywhere.

Yesterday was a big day, she and her mom went to pedal and spoke and ordered her a new bike. No more boys BMX bike, This is a girl specific ride.

So if your keeping track I have one going to Belmont, One that will be in drivers Ed Soon, and one getting a new bike and heading into the fifth grade. The biggest thing right now is protecting her from the testosterone laden outbursts of her brother, and making sure she doesn't pick up on any of his habits too soon.

Her older sisters more of transportation was supposed to get her to drive to her to her dads house a little more often. Then they discover life, and guys who at this time seem cooler than their father they drive in the wrong direction.

So today I say happy birthday to my baby. Enjoy the bike. But don't drive away too soon, By my estimates we have 8 more summers before your mother and I  become inconsequential.

Happy Birthday Baby!


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  1. Happy Birthday Cassidy, hope you have a great birthday...