Wednesday, July 24, 2013

when I die, please make sure......

When I die, and lets face it, Its later than we all think I need you to do me a favor......

I need my Son to be given my job. Same with Lisa, If something should happen to her Son gets the nod. Its the way this town works, Hell its the way the world works.

Now as far as I know I'm in pretty good health, and I'm not close to retirement But here's the deal, and this is why I need to set this up, plant the seed if you will.

Today in Chicago, Mayor Tiny Dancer Rahm the Bomb will appoint Deb Mell to her fathers Aldermatic seat. This will mark the 31st time in Chicago that family members have been appointed to a job once another family member has kicked it, Or retired.

Stop and think about that for a moment 31 times a wand has been waved and walah! Boom, your controlling a portion of Chicago. That's nuts, no special election, Just blood type. If your DNA matches the person occupying the seat before you your in.

Do the math from the top. Obama blesses Rahm. Rahm becomes Mayor, Billy Daley works for Obama and wants to be Governor, these things will all happen because the administration that said politics as usual would end. Just like 3 dollar gas prices were too high, and we were going to pull our troops out of Afghanistan. But the politics are the same only worse.

So when I no longer want to do this Job, It goes to Conner. At least he's cool, Fun and smart. And he's not a Dancer, Not a Liar, And comes from a good family.

Those this are quality's that usually wont get anyone noticed in this joke of a state.


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  1. I'm with you all the way Ray. Want you to stay forever, but when you are ready to go, Conner would be awesome.
    Maybe no one else commented because the are getting so use to not having a say!
    Love you and Lisa.