Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bear down.

Yesterday I had a chance to visit Halas Hall to visit with Roberto Garza .Roberto is the center for the beloved and by all accounts seems like one helluva nice guy.

We were told to make sure we were at the training  facility by 11:30 and I was prompt. I'm seldom late for anything. And I was not going to be late to Halas hall!

So I make it past security and now Ray Ray is roaming the home of the Chicago Bears, Thats right  the kid from west Chicago is now left on his own at George S Halas hall. The team is on the field, The place is awesome. and I'm walking  around with no one to keep me from investigating. .

I tried to find someone to help me and tell me where I should go but it seems that the facility is under construction and the staff may have been relocated so I set out on my own.

 I made it to the film room for the Offensive  line, Tight ends, and Quarterbacks, I was even in the press room and took a turn at the podium. I have video but I think that may land me in hot water so I will not post that.

Than Lisa and the rest of the morning crew show up, by now we are near the sports writers and let me tell you these guys are the whose who of what's not happening! they take this football stuff pretty seriously!(I guess the US99.5 crew was a little loud) Me I was here for a good time, and have a good time I did.
This year on the morning show Roberto Garza will talk x's and O's with us, He seems like a great guy, He's a good dad, Good fisherman, Love's  country music and help's out the United Way. Its going to be a great partnership. He's also said he loves the new coach, sounds like there's hope for a good year.
I think after 10 minutes with the Land R show he understands that his segment on our show will have little to do with football and more with our goofy takes on the world and its issues!
Roberto was chosen 99th in the draft and has had a storybook career, His chances of making it from a D-2 school to the center for Chicago Bears was a likely as a kid from West Chicago having access to the Halas hall practice field!
Go Bears


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