Friday, August 30, 2013

When a weekend is more than a weekend.

I wont lie Its a big weekend. For the first in many of years my car is not pointed at the Wisconsin borderline to partake in a labor day weekend. I will be leaving late tomorrow.

Tomorrow at 9am my kid starts his football career at Batavia High School, He has been named the starting Middle Linebacker, and he will alternate as Running back. His listed as 5'10" 180. and he works hard.

You may recall just a few months ago he was in a devastating wrestling accident that left him in a neck brace for 4 months, could have been much worse. Well he has worked his way back from that injury. Long days in the weight room, Two a days when most of us would hesitate going for a walk.

Tomorrow no matter what the outcome the kids a winner, He's a leader and his teammates have named him as one of the captains. High School football is a big deal at any school. Batavia takes it to a whole nother level!

If you have a kid in sports support them, And remember that the kid across from him worked just as hard, and has parents behind him that have driven him to practice and supported them every step of the way.

I make no bones about it, I'm not shy. This kid is a bad ass. And he's as good of a boy that a
 mom and dad could ask for. Yes I'm bragging, and he gets the credit. He works hard and has no ego.

Go number 54, Champions are made not born, Enjoy the ride its a long process. Your off to a great start.

Love ,




  1. Ray, you are absolutely right.... My kid started her swimming career when she enter High School.. she is a senior now.. her Goal is to leave a legacy on her High School (hasn't accomplish that yet)didI mention she never swim before HS.. but OMG she works super hard every time to get her times down... This summer she practice and work, did house chores and spent time with me (every night she was exhausted but no regrets)... she has LD. but it doesn't matter that doesn't slow her down, she has good grades.
    As a single Mom I am so proud of her and myself.. and is true every single Athletic works super hard.. I am a very Proud Momma!!

  2. Great blog Ray. Congrats on raising a hard working respectfull young man. And of course it helps that he is wearing the right number for a ML!