Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Syria iously!

This blog is pretty light hearted  most the time, Today I should be blogging about the kid who was the defensive player of the game Saturday for the Batavia Bulldogs, and I will later on.

But lets talk about the world, and the three things you need to know today.

The guy who kidnapped and kept the three young Cleveland women and kept them hostage for 10 years killed himself in his cell last night. Ok that's the good news, Now for this.

Its time for the president and John Boehner to hold hands and unite as we get ready to take "Limited action" against Syria, Now I don't know about you but I don't want your son or mine going to war in "Limited action" I want them to be able to see a plan and go kick ass. But we don't do that anymore, the only thing that "Shocks and awes" us any more is Dennis Rodman.

I think we agree that we cant allow Syria to use chemical weapons, It reminds me of the last guy that went and tried to find chemical weapons and never found any.

President Obama needs to be careful with this, He doesn't want to upset Barbra Streisand, this "Peace President" is running the risk of not being the Ba-rock star anymore.

Perhaps we can send Dennis Rodman to Syria to hang with Assad, and Assad can "Do him a solid" and pretty please not kill their people anymore.

My kids have never not known us to be at war in their lifetime, I'm all about being the big kid on the block. But we can no longer be the big stupid kid on the block. Please Mr. President don't go lead anymore troops into a war we can not win, and If you have ever been in a fight you know what the object is. Its to win. we learn that in grade school.

Go take care of this for us Dennis Rodman, You a colossal dumbass, and our elected officials are not much better.


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