Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gonna die today

No seriously this may be the day for the grabber!

As a dad I never thought there would be anything more nerve racking than watching my daughter on a balance beam, I would sit and watch her on that thing and wince knowing at any time I could see a misstep turn into instant pain.

Than there was last Saturdays football game ........

It was a 9 a.m. start, that was delayed by the lightening, than started than? delayed by more bad weather.

I was a wreck. Felt bad  for the kids that had practiced all summer, Football camp starts early in the summer, there's weight training, there's practice , than the dreaded two a day work outs and here the kids sit and wait. They took it well, Me and mom not so much.

Finally after a two hour lighting and weather delay the game started, This level of football is different. Its now ok to yell at a blown call by the refs, and there were plenty of blown calls but the kids team (Batavia) came out on top.

He had a good game and was defensive player of the game. We have looked at the tape and gone over where he was good and not so good. He loves the game and his coaches. And and Its keeping him busy so its working out well for the kid.

The Glenbard North game was like a homecoming of sorts I grew up just down the street but went to West Chicago, as a kid I used to play football on their field, The field was awesome and so were the Glenbard north kids. I made sure to try and say good game to as many kids as possible. Its insane how hard high schoolers work at sports. Combine that with homework and its a shame there has to be a losing team.

Today the game is at Richards in Oak Lawn and I will be the guy with the EMTs next to me. This is crazy fun. If you read this silly diatribe and have a kid that plays at Richards  there come say hi. Competition is cool and parents and kids that work this hard at something have more than a little in common.

a good injury free weekend to all who take the field this weekend , I just hope
I'm not taken out on a stretcher.



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