Friday, September 6, 2013

Country Music and what some of these guys mean to me.

This morning we were talking about Randy Travis and his health.

As we read on the show his in very bad shape, this is all a result of the stroke he suffered earlier this year.

My job on this show is to be fun and Funny, Its more than a little disturbing to me that this topic is even a reality, I mean Randy Travis, he was as big as it got in Country music. I believe in the George Jones/ Randy song,"Few ole country boys" George said this line:

From the smoke its hard to tell what's coming down the line
we heard you were a fast train comin' out of Caroline

What that means is Nashville is full of so much crap its hard to know what the real deal is. That's an honest line delivered by Jones. Randy Travis had no smoke, Just pure talent and a great work ethic.

And from the seat in one of Americas premiere radio stations, I have had the good fortune of calling Randy a friend. He is a health nut, a workout zealot. and was always working on something from movies to horses to his love of shooting.

I pray for Randy, He was always a gentleman to Me .Not all who are in this business have the grace that he does, Its sad to think that a few missteps and drunken nights may tarnish his image.

Before we put this guy in the grave it needs to be said just what a good guy he really is, always very private, and very professional. A guy with a big heart who always has time for fans.

We live in a world with a thirty second memory and the business I'm in in is a  contributor on steroids. Its the way of the world. We all long for the next big deal and sweep the old under the carpet, It happened to Randy, It happens everyday in the work place and it will eventually happen to you and me! Hell its happening to Kenny Chesney.

Its not easy to be fun or funny when someone that you consider one of the greats is fading away, But today lets be thankful for that "Fast train out of Caroline.



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