Monday, September 9, 2013

Chicago says goodbye to Don Wade.

Almost a year ago Don Wade and his Bride Roma headed to New York for the wedding of his daughter Heather, That's when Don passed out and was later diagnosed with brain cancer.

He would have to step down from the job he had held for more than 27 years, Before WLS he and Roma were the morning show at the frequency I can be found at, US99.5.

When your from Chicago and its your wish to do radio in your hometown you appreciate the great ones, From Wally Phillips, To the great Steve Dahl, Johnny B, Kevin Matthews, Spike O'Dell, You understand that from friendly talk, to Political conservatism, to shock it can all be done. And we can all survive.

I had met Don and Roma several times, We stood on the same side of the issues that would be considered conservative all though we understood that most of our listeners stood in the middle of most political issues. Don always had the luxury of Roma to soften up his grumpy side. And that's why they worked for so long and so well.

Friday Don lost his battle with Brain cancer at 72. Chicago land lost a radio legend, But Radio and WLS listeners know what they lost a year ago when Don and Roma had to step aside at WLS. In this business we can all be replaced, But when you have built a bond with listeners and you have time on your side it gets hard for a radio station to fill the void.

Radio aside, Don was a good guy, always engaging and fun to talk to. He was always proud to share story's of his kids Heather and Hunter. I loved hearing about Hunter and his service to our country.

Today WLS has a tough job. Its not easy to say goodbye. They have had a harder time filling the time slot that Don and Roma have left behind.

There aren't many Don wades left in radio, Brutal honesty and those that speak their minds are defiantly a vanishing breed.

To a great radio man and a better person, I say good bye thanks for always giving a radio kid from West Chicago the time of day!

Rest my friend.




  1. Thanks Ray, well said. I listened to Don and Roma for many years. Now I listen to another great radio talent, Ray something or other:)

  2. Rest in peace, Don Wade. Your honesty (and grumpiness) will be greatly missed. Thank you RR for sharing how much of a blessing Don Wade was to you. He was a blessing for all of us too.
    Cowboy John.