Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Naked and afraid, Crazy, and perhaps insane.

I have met many a US99.5 listeners, some have become close friends, The one that takes it to a whole nother level is "Cowboy Bill" I met "Cowboy Bill" at an appearance at Cabellas, He bothered me enough to finally go fishing with him at his place up in the UP of Michigan .

Over the years Bill has taken my family and me on many a journey through his beautiful acreage that really leaves you thinking your some where much more than 8 hours away. On an average day you can see, Bear, Wolves, Big Cats, Deer, You get the idea this is as remote of an area as you will find this side of the Rockies.

Not where a couple in their 80s should be rolling around in a Polaris Ranger 4x4 with a shotgun just in case momma bear causes some trouble and needs to be wacked. They would both have a better chance of negotiating with a bear than hitting it with even the best scatter shot.

So a last weekend Mom and Dad, head into the woods with "Cowboy Bill" my niece and her buddies. Because these  kids need to hit a private lake to fish because they are such seasoned anglers. So up and down the rolling hills and ravines they go, and Mom cant seem to keep up with the rest of the group and now they are lost in the wilds.

So there they are Mom and Dad just driving, Looking, taking in the scenery, But not knowing where the heck they are. And this is what makes me laugh, "Were not stupid" she tells me, then my sister adds her brilliance, They may be older but their not dead let them have fun.

Its all fun and games. I have been out there many times hills, ruts pretty technical terrain, and as crazy and stupid as I can be at least I know how to navigate the woods and I'm pretty good on anything with a motor.

they were lost last year and almost got hit by a logging truck, Pretty funny stuff right there, This time they ended up at a "house with no name"

This is the fun part. Out of  literally miles of UP wilderness, my mom and dad happen a upon a quaint little house in the woods amongst a beautiful lake, I call it the "House with no name" that's because the owner of the house is the lead singer for the band America, Horse with no name, Ventura highway, This guy is the writer and singer of songs we consider timeless, and now he's got the "old folks" on his front porch. Priceless.

He goes on to tell my parents how to get back to "Cowboy Bills" Because everyone knows Bill, and he tells them to be careful because he was in a bad ATV accident in those very same woods that required many many stitches.

Its at this point I tell my Mom and Dad that perhaps its time for them to take it a little easier, Moms response: "Its time for you to worry about us now"

Perhaps this is some insight to how I got to be this way!



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