Monday, August 26, 2013

Taylor Haters: This is why I'm not one of you.

The faction of Nashville and its on again off again struggle between the pop and outlaw movements is something that makes me chuckle. Ever since John Denver won entertainer of the year  in 1975 (and a drunk Charlie Rich burned the envelope in disgust) there seems to have been this conjured up BS about what is and isn't country.

If you see someone who's a hard hitting act, Someone who's a throwback, keep in mind that someone somewhere told that act how to carve their niche. Take Eric Church for example, Eric Church is the real deal. He's an artist. He's a player, a wicked performer, and his a business man. Trust me Eric,no matter how he perceived has a solid and stellar business plan. Is not by chance that he's enjoying this success. He's no doubt as cool as it gets but he's working his plan.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with Miley Cyrus, Other than the fact she's trying to bridge the gap from kid star to adult edgy performer. Again some consultant is telling her what to do. The difference between Mileys people and Eric's people is that Mileys people are out of their mind. She's a cross between a bad pop singer and Jenna Jameson. Its a joke. We already  have a lunatic woman that likes to sing naked, Her names Madonna. we get it Miley your no longer Hannah Montana.

Enter Taylor Swift. She's a brilliant business woman. There is simply no one that's doing it better right now. She wont go on stage and rip her cloths off. She has style, and that was pretty evident last night at the VMA awards.

I wont lie, I don't roll down the road and listen to Taylor. I'm more apt to listen to Church. I have been known to listen to pledge allegiance to the Hag to the point of burn out.

But I digress back to Taylor, She is what she is. She a young woman who life is closer to her business plan than anyone else in music, She's a dreamer, She's a dater, and she's strategist. The thing with her is its not an act its her life.

My Redneck friends don't understand how I can possibly compare Taylor to Church, But the fact is their careers pretty much mirror their real life. That s why they are having huge success.

I cant dislike Taylor. She treats radio people like gold. Its CMA voting time, All the big stars sent their "vote for us propaganda" (I'm a lifetime voting member of the CMA) The swag we get would make a Chicago politician envious, Than I got a hand written letter from Taylor. That's right hand written. Along  with a note to my daughter.

Its it business or is it personal? I'm sure a mix of both but in reality the goodness of Taylor is better than anyone else's in this business.

My vote go's to  Taylor, And I offer no apology's to my redneck buddies



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  1. Hand's down the smartest musician to come around in years if not ever. She has four aces in her hands n' heart and is the only person I would blush meeting as a grown man! She is also the only girl singer that I actually fell in love with and not lusted after since Connie Smith when I was a kid. Her IQ is 300 and she has the looks to match! Any haters should just stfu and learn! If we had a nation full of people like her we could have the whole world singing imo. Forget the clowns out there Ray.. Just keep her laughing and young at heart as best you can.

    Cheers bro.. Now back to my shot glass and my Miley video!