Friday, August 23, 2013

Ramblin Rays gender disorder!

Remember when people who where in trouble used to reach out to the lord? Caught cheating? My family and I are asking for your prayers during this time. Did something bad when you were a kid? help me jezzzzus help me!

Oh how the times have changed....

Now when you get caught stealing 750,000 in campaign funds you check yourself in for personality disorder.

Or when you disclose mountains of US secrets to Wiki, You don't take you punishment like a man. No. You take it like a woman. And dude I don't know any woman as weak as you.

What an injustice people like Jesse Jr and Bradley Manning  have done to people who struggle with these situations every day. Its not something you do to get yourself out of trouble.

Or is it?

All those time's I got into trouble, The night I was arrested by the Aurora police, The time my dads truck sank in the Wisconsin river, The time I ran my dads snowmobile into the Johnson's house over on Robin lane.....That was all because I was supposed to be a girl like my twin sister, Or am I my twin sister?

Perhaps I can skip out on that rather large Kane County tax bill in the name of a personality disorder. No.... that wont work because that's not how we roll, Chances are if your reading this your paying bills, working through lives peaks and valleys just like me and we don't look for the easy way out.

But just for fun today I told my boss I have a personality disorder. That way next time I get into trouble on the air I can pull that out of my pocket.

Thanks for your time

Ray, or Ray-Anne.

Have a good weekend.


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