Thursday, August 22, 2013

Crazy stupid Chicago people!

As first reported by Ramblin' Ray yesterday morning.......

So some idiots are up drinking late on the far south side, remember the Ramblin' Ray rule, Nothing good happens past 2 am......

So two guys drinking and in their  words "Talking crap" when it turns into a ruckus, That's when Preston Smiths "Buddie" attacks him with a chain saw. Now call me crazy but how do you let yourself get attacked with a chain saw?

The story ends up with Preston Smith 55 in a room at Advocate Christ hospital with a severally messed up hand. Not a pretty story.

But I digress, At  what point do you let someone your arguing with get up, Go to the garage, get a chain saw, Prime it, Choke it, start it, Than come after you with it? and consequently get most your hand cut off?

Here's the teaching moment, (No I don't think we need back ground checks and cooling off periods, Nor do I think Chainsaws should be outlawed) But if your getting in a fight and someone's going to get a bat, a chain, a pit bull, a viper snake, a gun, frying pan, hot curling iron, hot steel poker whatever. Leave. Get out, Don't wait around for the crazy to unfold.

How stupid is you? it really should be a segment on our show. Really I don't thing the guy will be prosecuted, I mean lets face it....(here comes the line) (wait for it)......he wont be able to point him out! wheeee!

Stupid is as stupid does, Stay classy Chicago.

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