Wednesday, August 21, 2013

There goes her life!

Yesterday while I joked and made shallow observations on the radio life in the western suburbs was a changing.

It was my Boys first day of High School, and he was back on the bus. That in itself is a change because we live close to the middle school and his Concierge (mother) would drop him off every day. Really a pretty sweet deal. In all honesty his life is a sweet deal.

But yesterday his mom sent me a picture of himself all alone waiting for the bus, and I couldn't help but be sad. There he was our little man, out of my three he really is the one that needs the most care. He loves his mom and is not the kid to ever hide it, And in turn she takes awesome care of him.

I had to think that while he waited for the first day of High School to begin he had to be apprehensive. But he's a cool kid, he's nice to everyone and one other thing is he is BIG! I'm pretty sure no one will mess with this kid which is a luxury for anyone on the first day of school.

He's also been at the school all summer long playing football so he knows a ton of people, and he's got some great friends. And really isn't that what makes school fun? Great friends and football. I would say it sure helps!

But yesterday he was good, he was better than good. It was the Mom I was worried about. I'm sure she has the adjusting to do, This is her guy. She took the picture of the bus as it rolled by the house, Not unlike the day he went to kindergarten. Now although she wasn't with him at the bus stop with him I'm sure she wanted to be.

Its been a unique week, My oldest is in Nashville. The little man is a linebacker and my cassie is in the last year of grade school. We have it covered, Lots of stuff going on. I get a kick out of kids that are scared and worried about school or life. Its not the kids fault, I think that falls on the parents. He has been involved in sports and school since day one. That is what builds his confidence. He has no fear.

If it sounds like I'm bragging on my kid, I am. He's a good kid, He's kind, and Loves his mother. Don't get me wrong I take no credit but for his sense of humor. He's not perfect, he gets mad, swears from time to time. And at times uses his sister as a crash dummy. But that's just an abundance of testosterone it will dissipate  in 35 years.

Every kid should listen to Brad Paisleys song "Letter to me" Have a great year, Enjoy the ride. and hug your mothers!


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  1. Very nice Ray, my baby boy starts the 6th grade at the middle school which he can walk to but I am unable to sneak to the corner and watch him walk because of work. Tell your wife thanks for the pic, it reminds me of my son & I.