Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ray Ray on speed!

Today you may notice that the major highways in Illinois have increased the speed limit. Or you may not.......

As my Uncle Joe would say "these politicians need two hours to watch 60 minutes".

So here's the deal the speed limit has been raised to 70 on select roads not all. the legislation states"The bill moves the speed limit to 70 for all interstates and tollways in Illinois" Or not......

Typical of Illinois and our Governor there's a gray area here The line drawn between rural and urban areas is to quote Robin Thicke is a "Blurred line" No one seems to know where the speed limit will or will not be 70.

In reality no one does the speed limit around here. Go 70 on the tri-state and you will get bad looks and at times a few middle finger salutes.

What I need to know is this, what's the speed limit going to be, Not because I will always obey it but for some the difference between 65 and 70 will move the penalty's for going 80 or above. Someone needs to inform us of this. But they cant because they don't know. This is after all Illinois. The state that makes Jersey look like the Magic Kingdom.

I love to drive fast, But get ready to hold your breath and spit out your coffee, I don't speed anymore. I'm just not in a hurry to get anywhere, Its not like I have grown up or anything like that. Its just that I have slowed down. I was at one time a horrible example for my kids. Those days are over.

I have toys that fuel my need for speed, mostly on a track. Now I'm sure I will get more tickets in my life but they wont be excessive .

Last year I was coming back from a snowmobile race, rolling down the Tri-State and I saw a bad wreck, Cars flipped over it was a mess. I was there right after it happened. The people there seemed to have it under control. No police, no first responders where at the scene but they were calling 911 and everyone seemed ok.

So I slowly pulled though with my trailer and saw a car up ahead with the hazards on and a guy running towards me. That's when I saw what I thought was deer on the road. It turned out to be a 21 year old girl who didn't have her seat belt on. She was ejected from her car, and was at least 500' from the wreck. I wont speculate how she got that far but I know this.

I  covered this beautiful woman with a snowmobile cover and was amazingly sad. God bless the first responders that have to do this on a daily basis. I got on my way as soon as I could and I called my kid, I told her to wear the belt and slow down. Of course I got  the response DAD!

No matter what the sign says go the limit, take care and slow down! and wear the seat belt. That way you can live another day to watch stupid politicians screw things up!



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