Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NASCAR and Ray Ray?

Last week I sat with some radio legends. One thing that's clear when you talk with these guys is Radios changing. But the one thing that stuck in my head from Brant Miller (NBC 5 Chief Meteorologist , and WLS radio legend) He said people quit learning. And when you quit learning you fade away.

That stuck with me, I have experienced colossal changes in my personal life. Things you think will never change do. Than one day you realize that your not getting any younger and this is a young person business. Than you ponder what can I do that is different? What can I do to enhance the journey? Lets face it to think Ramblin' Ray will retire at US99.5 is not a thought based in reality.

I think that answer came yesterday in a call from NASCAR driver-friend David Stremme who asked me to consider helping him and his new team gain sponsorships. Now as long as I don't sell to another radio company I should be fine with doing this.

I have know David for quite some time. I have always believed in his talent and his sale ability so why not. Just as an example JR gets 800,000.00 per race. Put David in that same car that Jr has, and we will have a winner, But I digress.

I guess what I'm saying is that things are always changing and why not try and change with them. In the next few years my  dad will need my full attention from his battle with Alzheimer's. I have people I work with that attend every country show that comes to town, while that seems fun its something I cant do. I need to be out of town every other weekend to help my family out. Again something I never thought I would have to do 10 years ago but I do it with a smile, Knowing if mom said "I need you here to take care of dad" my radio career as I know it would change if not end.

This blog today represents the uncertainness we all face when we have kids in Jr high and ageing parents. My job is to take care of people I'm just looking for more ways to afford them the chance at prosperity. It used to be about me its not anymore.

Take care!!


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  1. I think a lot of these changes and uncertainness in our lives is hitting us harder at our current age. We have aging parents and sickness on one end and children growing up too fast, heading to college or getting married moving on with their lives on the other end. We are stuck in the middle. It almost feels lonely even though we are not alone! Reflecting on our lives and where we are today and thinking about the future and where that will take us. Knowing that we can't go back in time, only to make the best of what is left to come! Feeling for the first time in my life that I am getting old. Young at heart and in spirit and in pretty good damn shape but I can say I'm getting old and my feelings and emotions are overwhelming at times at this stage of the game ! KC