Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The problem with my long balls

Yesterday I had a chance to do something I don't do very often, or really at all. I played the game of golf.

Now I'm not sure why I don't embrace this game Perhaps it has to do with the fact that For the last few years I have been busy with a family and kids. And I generally  like stuff that moves fast. I ride bikes, run, swim. water ski, ride motorcycles and of course I'm always working on snowmobiles. so golf has never really been on the radar for me.

So yesterday for the first time in years I hit the links for charity, and I had some fun. But I soon found out why I quit this game years ago. I can hit the ball, But not very well, and not very straight. Even though I have no right to have any expectations of being anything but bad, I do. I hate to do things I'm not good at. And this is a game that is unforgiving to even the best golfer.

All in all it was  a fun day, I hit a goose when my ball flew in the exact opposite direction I was aiming at. I also hit a few good shots, But after about 5 minutes I understand why guys play golf, and (I'm sure its that same ladies but I cant speak from that point of view) Its the fellowship of man. Guys hanging with guys and I golfed with some great guys.

John, Bruce, and especially my friend Mike O'Malley are the kind of guys anyone should have in there cache' of brothers. These guy are serious golfers and they welcomed me to join them for the day. I have to imagine that at some point they have to had wondered who invited me. But alas they never complained, and for the most part were very helpful.

But at the end of the day its not about golf its about spending the days with guys you like, Guys that make you laugh and have a blast with. In my little business of radio its hard to find genuine real men. So when I'm in the real world with regular guys who are all hugely successful its refreshing.

So it dawns on me that I have afternoons free. Starting today I think I will put the clubs away and hit the gym or ride my bike or my motorcycle. But when the boys need some Ray Ray to golf for a charity or just to have some QGT (quality
guy time) I will be in, golf balls deep!

Play Through!


I cant wait for these guys to ride my race sled around the oval that will be a bonding day as well.

Mike O'mally hits a 300 yarder!


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  1. I say get them on their bicycles for a 370 mile ride to Eagle River for breast cancer research. There's alot of time for QGT over 4 days, swearing at the hills and soaking in the hot tub with a refreshing cocktail. I guess I just might be one of the guys !!! KC