Monday, August 12, 2013

Ray Rays take on Tay Tay!

Ok, Where do I start to review this show? Perhaps I wont do a review but just give some observations. At this stage of my life I'm better at keeping lawns green and health insurance paid for than being able to add commentary to the things that someone like Taylor mean to the music industry and more important than that to the masses of young girls who adore her.

I have never been to a show like that. (guys over 35 stay with me here) Its a wild ride, mix of Broadway, Vegas, and the stage presence of Hollywood's best leading lady. Yet somehow she knows exactly how to talk to the girls and they believe her. They stare, cry, and somehow feel connected. I watched her pause and work the stage in a manner that would make Garth blush.

I have seen the best of the best, From the Stones to Springsteen, all of the big ones in county and rock. No one has ever put the thoughts of this kind of production on stage. That's because Taylors mind works like no other. She won't stop until every magazine cover has been graced, every Stadiums been played and every hearts been dated and subsequently broke! Her show production is simply second to none.

Its unique paradigm, A mix of brilliance and lunacy all mixed into one. I think she's does what she's does because its her world. And in her world there is nothing, NOTHING, that cant be done. She's young Knows no  bounds and other than a few failed attempts at having a boyfriend has had a pretty darned good life. Mix the dreams of a young girl with a limitless budget and a vision like no other and you have this wildly cool show!

Taylor, treats every one like they are gold. She connects with young girls and ladies and they feel like they have a best friend. That's a hard thing to do.

I'm drinking the Kool-Aid, I know..... I know.....  But if you see what I have in this business you understand that there's never been any thing like her.

Do I think I was a country music show? No I don't. It was as far from  country music show as Justin Moore is to being a pop star. But you cant deny Taylors contribution to the genre.

Every man should have a daughter, I think that was my connection, To see her have a blast is priceless. She makes little girls feel invincible and That's a great thing! I wont lie I don't have a single Taylor song on my I-pod. But I will buy them over and over for my kids because they love her, and I love that!

A lot of people worked hard to get their Taylor Tickets, and Moms and Dads took a night to sit in a parking lot Solider field to wait till it was over. Bottom line is it was money well spent.



  1. No racy stories of drunken parties or bar brawls....yet a young, clean cut...successful woman..yep a HORRIBLE ROLE MODEL...

    1. Beth people don't get it.

      I deal with stupidity on a hourly basis.


  2. What a great dad! My dad drove to pick up Alabama tickets for me at the Wisconsin State fair on a Friday and the show on a Saturday just because. I have that to bring a wonderful memory. A parents love is just that easy,(hard on $ but worth it) As parents we would not truly allow taking them to something not appropriate and go with for that matter! As a man admitting he knows little about the teen world/girls and what connects them is huge! As a celebrity who puts on a show that made your $ worth it is priceless. The world may not understand Taylor but as a young woman in today's world she keeps her clothes on, word choices in the public eye clean and dating she admits is hard. I am OK with that!

  3. Ray, Nice write up on the show. I appreciate your honesty, And I really do respect your observation. I agree. Taylor is a force in the music industry. She has her world in her hands. And I am cool with that. And I can really , Honestly appreciate her commitment to her fans. More musicians should take that kind of lead. My problem is, That I just think country radio goes all out on her. When she is not a country artist. She may have a country tune here and there. But in general. She is somewhere more WTMX material. Would I give up a years worth of wages to take my daughter to her show. Yes, I would, As you would. You had a really cool experience. And you walked away from it a smiling happy guy. And that made it all worth it.
    Dave P.

  4. I have been to many concerts this summer and Taylor had to be the best ever! She connects with her fans and she turly loves them and u can feel it. Im a young mother with 3 little.girls and will for sure to bring them next time. It was an experience I will never forget. She is truly amazing.