Monday, September 30, 2013

Ex Wifes and husbands that can never go away....

Ok I need some help here, I used to have what I thought was a pretty good relationship with my ex, But as time goes on it has seriously gotten worse.

Nary a day goes by when someone calls, talks divorce and complains about child support.  For many years I made my child support payments, Not one was late and they were quite a lot of money. No big deal they were for my daughter, and its not cheap to raise a child. No worries. I get it.

I have an awesome daughter, Her Mom is a good mother. we raised a good girl.

Now I'm no angel. I can be a handful but there was a time when she needed my help and I was there. I was always there, She's the mother of my baby. And divorce seriously saddens me. There's an old George Jones called "Choices", Its about living and dying with the choices that we have made. I live with that every day.

The choice we made to divorce was the correct one, We just are like oil and water and its sad. I just understand how someone after all these years can have such resentment.

With out divulging too much information, I just get tired of being treated like crap.

We got along really good for a really long time, But its crazy how things changed.

Problem is if you treat me like crap, I treat you like crap so I don't see this ending. I guess I just don't understand.

If your getting divorced, and your going to have a party because your free. Save the party. Because if you have kids it never goes away. You guys know me pretty well, I can get over just about anything but I'm pissed today.

I will be in a bad mood for a few hours. I'm just glad I don't live my life mad. I have to imagine that's a bad way to go through life.

Thanks for letting me vent.


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  1. You women are the perfect example of why 71 percent of men between the ages of 18 to 34 are no longer interested in marriage. After all, why should they waste time getting married when their bitch wife (like you) will just divorce him for childish reasons and then turn around and ass rape him in divorce court and take all his money?

    I hope you ladies have fun growing old alone with your 10 cats. You daughters as well, since the younger men have no interest in marriage anymore, you and your daughters will be growing old alone with your cats. As for myself, I'll be living it up in Thailand and banging tons of hot young Asian women (over 18, of course).

    Thank you ladies for liberating us men from your tyranny and becoming independent. Feminism was the greatest thing to ever happen to men. Feminism liberated MEN from being slaves to their ungrateful bitch wives.

    God bless you.