Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ah shes got the glow, She in "that" way, with 13 babies on the way!


Missed in the five things you need to know on our show this morning comes some Ray Ray news you can use.

An Iraqi woman is pregnant with 13 babies. Whoa, This isn't a pregnancy its a litter. Ah the happy couple must be excited. This will add to the 7 they already have.

This makes John and Kate plus 8 look like child's play. Beginners. Newbies.

I love the joy of kids, I can imagine how that house must be, But what the heck its Iraq, their diaper Genie is actually a real Genie, So that's a plus. I guess the ultra sound confirms 5 are boys due to the fact they already have full beards. Someone stop me!

Either this guy has the sperm of superman or he was using a turkey baster. Something seems a little askew here.

Stay tuned for the reality show.

This has been Al Jazeera reporting. 

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