Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Today we are going to be bad on the air... really bad...

I'm always asked how can you not swear on the radio? Its a rather obnoxious and silly question really. One, we like to think our audience is above cheap thrills and profanity. and for the most part you can be funny with out being a tool on the radio.

Until today. I think for one day we need some debauchery, Don't get me wrong we don't mean to offend your kids or their precious little ears but this is a momentous time in Government and in broadcasting.

Let me explain.

I think with this Government shutdown the FCC is not working. So its a free pass kinda like when mom and dad went away for that weekend with friends and 9 months later you had a little brother. You know fun at the time, But not with out consequence. So why not tear it up a little?

Perhaps today I can finally break out a little "Andrew Dice Ray" Now I'm sure the "consequence"would be from the parent company. But what a way to go out! with no fine to the company that has been pretty darn good to me.

Think about your day today, Should we have to pay tax? Tolls? can we speed and not get a ticket?... No we cant do that, because were not that way. were the good kids in the international world. But just think about it for a second. No big brother to watch over us!

Lets face it this Government shut down is a joke, Its not affecting us in anyway. Unless you work for the government than you may have a problem.

I guess what I'm getting at is this: Aren't you glad that we live in a nation where when our leaders shut er down and  we see no change? That's because they are full of crap. and they are not working for us They are working for Them!

Lets do each other a favor who ever we voted for last time lets vote them out next time. Because if you and I didn't show up for work and no one noticed, we would be fired!

Have an awesome day, and if your gonna skip a toll you better have a number on your license plate covered with duct tape. I have a feeling the guys who give out those tickets are still at work and are still making it hard on the real working people of America!


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