Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Five things you don't need to know.

Every hour on our Little morning show we give you "Five things you need to know" I always like it better when its five things you "Don't need to know"

Mark Walberg from Marky Mark and the funky chunky bunch just graduated High School. I always love these feel good story's. I like Mark Wahlberg, But why is it news when one of destiny child's graduates high school? Further more if you say the word "car" and it sounds like "cow", You don't even pass the 8th grade!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth call the marriage off. We pretty much knew this yesterday when she took him off her twitter feed faster than she took her clothes off for the wrecking ball video.

Jesse Jr and Sandi (Ms. Jackson if your nasty) are having all their stuff that they bought with campaign contributions  auctioned off, Nothing funny here except for the fact they are both going to jail. However, if it were memorabilia from Alan Jackson I would be in!

Cutler and Robbie Gould were spotted at Chicago Cut having dinner, They should be on the phone begging #54 to come back, I know he may be slower and older but watching Lance Briggs get knocked out of bounds by the Viking quarterback is like watching Eric Ferguson knockout  John Howell. These are things that shouldn't happen!

And finally the latest study of twins show that, Twins may be more apt to become heavy drinkers, In case you didn't know I'm a twin. And now I can explain to my Mother way my first words were, "Beer me"!

That's Five things you didn't need to know!


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  1. Thanks for the enlightenment. I snowmobile in the western U.P. If i see you around Ill buy the first round... Also not sure if you go that way but www.berglandbaybar.com has a great trail report and blog.

    Keep preachin the good word