Tuesday, September 17, 2013

High School haters, Why I did'nt like them then and I dont like them now.

The other day I was writing about my kids and what they do, My kids are strong, Tough, and very good kids.

Today as a topic on the radio we had a topic that basically asked what your like in High School, and how you had changed.

let me take you back to the other day when I was writing about my kids football, and a woman who I went to school with asked me if my "Kids were bullies like I was", Then didn't leave her name although I know who she was. Which in todays world would be considered being a bully wouldn't it? Isn't that cyber bullying?

Here's the difference between a bully and me. I don't take crap. When Sam Michaels hit me in the head with a file when I was a freshman I didn't back down, Trust me this guy was like the Rock, I didn't want to fight this guy but I didn't back down. We than became friends. He wasn't a Bully he was a kid. And kids do stupid things.

So to answer today topic I'm the same as I have ever been, a little on the loud side, Fun, and Honest. And out of all the things in this world I miss honesty the most. The thing with me is you always know where I stand. There's no grey area. And if you don't like me I don't want you too. But be ready for the same thing because at this point of my life I know who my friends are.

So to the Woman I may have been to honest too, I'm sorry I said something that hurt you. Remember kids sometimes do and say stupid things, That's part of growing up and no one is perfect.

Now in this honest and open letter I hope you can now take the apology, and do what most adults do Let it go and grow up. Although that means you cant try and bully me anymore! and as far as I can tell letting go of something that may have happened to you  35 years ago may mean that your now responsible for your own life.

I wish the haters well. But to quote my Friend Gary from Rascal Flatt's "I moved on" about 35 years ago

To those that like me because we share our morning together remember we get nowhere by looking back.


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