Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What drives you nuts?!

Its always interesting to hear what our listeners come up with on the phone lines.

Today it was what does your family or significant other do to drive you nuts? And the calls came in. And for the most part they were pretty dam gross!It got me to thinking what is it that drives me crazy?

Any one that knows me know I cant stand when someone stirs with a spoon in a cup and just bangs the side of the glass, It makes me crazy. Crazy to the point that my kids do it just to piss me off. I have to laugh because when ever I did something that drove my folks crazy I would just keep doing it!

The other thing is when I eat with my parents, Now this isn't a bad habit it just makes me laugh. I guess it has to do with their age. My mom is an awesome cook, She can make or bake anything and she can do it like a boss! However....Every time we eat, I mean it can be something as simple as eggs and bacon and my Dad will say " Wow this is really good" every time she does anything they sit and talk about how good it is. Prompting me to say, "Its the best ever" Its cute that after all these years they are still complementing each other but c'mon man!

Now I'm sure if this was written from the point of the people in my life the list would be much longer.

I think you just have to have a respect for those you live with, and here's how it works for me: You want your allowance this week? Don't bang your glass with a spoon!


Oh and I hate it when Lisa Dent slips her coffee!


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