Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What exactly is Country Music?

I always love this question "What is and what isn't" Country?  Lately Luke Bryan has come under fire from Zac Brown for his new song My Kinda Night, I always love it when someone thinks they have the credibility to bust on someone else. I mean lets be honest Zac Brown has won critical acclaim. But in the history of country music he has been here for 10 minutes.

I could go on about the two of these guys and what they have accomplished and the list would be long, and they are both viable artists, albeit very different. and I think Different is what makes country so cool.  Zac Brown has almost a cult following and is an Artist in every term of the word. He is a brilliant business man and hit the ground running with a work ethic and business acumen that would make Steve gates blush. He's very good and very smart.

Now Luke is just a zenith, He dances like no one is watching, His smile is worth a million bucks and he's just Dam entertaining! And Luke is the guy most my buddies would want to hang out with, He hunts, Fishes, and his music goes Boom Boom, and the beat is what moves you in music. Don't get me wrong country music is the format of the story, But music needs the boom to make you tap your toes and shake your butt. Its what gives it  the feel good baby!

The county format has to encompass many things, How do we take care of new artists and those that have paved the way? Personally I think there needs to be a place on every radio dial for classic country. There's no way one single radio station can be all things to all people.

If I had a dime for everyone that said how can Taylor be country? Why don't you play Haggard? The answer is simple why doesn't the hit station play the stones, and why doesn't the classic rock station play Bieber? Its because we play "Todays Country music" Its current based country. And country music has evolved just like the world has.

This kinda thing happens  all the time. Right now Elton John is in a Fight with Miley because he thinks she's ready to implode, Guess what Miley doesn't care what Sir Elton thinks.

Since the invention of the opinion, we have had these debates, But since the invention of Social media, Its gotten worse. Now when ever we have a thought everyone needs to know it. And as we have seen with the Luke, Zac thing it can take on a life of its own.

Here's all "this guy knows" and again this is that "dreaded opinion", Country music is the best thing going period. I have listened since I was a kid in my dads truck, It was great then and its great now. And if you don't like what your hearing on the radio in 3 minutes it will change. And remember its "Broadcasting" That means we have to Try and please a lot of people, It would be much different if it were called Narrowcasting.

Now if you don't agree, You can hit me up on twitter and we can have a fight!


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