Thursday, September 19, 2013

Homework, Homework....

Alright time for my yearly rant on my kids homework load. Its insane. Now before you think I'm just sticking up for my kid let me share my thoughts.

My son has 4 classes a day, The classes are long, He gets 20 minutes for lunch and no study hall. I just wonder how much homework your high school kid gets. This kid works hard and gets good grades but with all this homework when do he and I get to fish? Or goof around and prank the drive up at Mc Donald's?

Every night after football, its home at 6:30 then up till midnight doing homework. Can someone tell me how this helps a kid learn? We want our kids to be involved, Sports, band, Choir, whatever they do helps keep them involved and Focused. But it's hard to watch your kid be  constantly tired. and I don't want him to burn out. And it makes you wonder if its worth it.

It's no secret that most kids have a better chance of an academic scholarship than sports, But I bet the local High School is making more money and has more interest through its sports booster program than its interested in the kids schooling once they are gone.

I respect the teachers and what they do, and most are overwhelmed with class size. The amount of education they need to be able to teach is unbelievable.

So where does all this fall? I know that schools pound their chest and want good test scores so they can get that coveted state ranking. Which I'm sure equals money.

Bottom line is this: we want our kids to do well, we want them to be involved, but how do we do this with not stressing them out? Now I know the scholars will say school is more important than football. But that's not the case in my house, It drives the kid. It shows him how to work as a team, and it teaches him to trust the players that surround him. All things that will serve him well as an adult.

HOWEVER! If you don't keep your grades up you don't play, and if that happed to my kid, It would  set him sideways. So I guess its up till the kid falls asleep on his face, I just hope the lack of sleep doesn't lead to a tired kid which will lead to injury.

Again keep in mind he takes school seriously, and gets good grades, But its taking a toll!

Moms and dads I wish you well, As Gina says she's passing high school all over again!

Good luck.


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  1. I was thrilled when our schools changed to a 90/10 grading system. Tests are 90% and homework is 10% of a students grade. It seems to have reduced the homework load that is given and my daughter is still getting straight A's without having to spend 6 hours a night on homework.