Friday, September 20, 2013

what the F*&^% is wrong with this world?

If you follow this blog you know what I wrote on 9-11, That I don't hate. I subscribe to the fact that there is more good in the world than bad.

In the wake of the Naval ship yard I kept my fingers off the keyboard, What more can you say about the mental breakdown of society? I'm trying to be a better person But some people are making it hard.

A friend of mine recently adopted a dog, and I'm trying to learn form it. The dog was used in pit bull fighting. It was abused, Bitten, then left for dead on the west side of Chicago. The things I'm learning from this dog are as follows:

We don't know what someone has been through.
we don't know how bad they are scared from the past.
we do know that if you love something and nurture it back to health it can be good again.
and I Personally know that a tail that was once between the legs can wag like a puppy again.

Last night in Chicago 13 were shot in a single shooting in town, One of those a 3 year old. That's right a 3 year old. If that doesn't piss you off you don't have a pulse.

I'm sorry about the problems of the world, Syria sickens me. However the war is in my hometown and we need to do something about it. I don't want to hear the local grand standing preacher talk crap about how its the guns.

We don't need more gun laws, As I have said in the past these guns are not being bout at the local sports stores. They are being bought from the gangs that if they wanted to could take over this town.

We don't need a Mayor on the Late show with David Letterman telling us how crime has gone down, Rham is a Salesman and like any good salesman he can spin the numbers. What we need is for this joke of a state to stop stealing money, We need Madigan to stop being a bully and start working on behalf of the people. This city and state are laughable.

Sorry for the rant but this is a joke and more and more kids are getting killed, A summer basketball game in the USA shouldn't turn into a war zone, A little boy named Deante, Shouldn't be fighting for his life.

These neighborhoods are a bad place, and I wouldn't want to be there, But if we are going to change this pattern we need to be there, But you and I cant do it. We need our Chicago guy in the Oval office to send in the national guard.

Than we need to start acting like American's, and be our brothers keeper. Remember we don't know where people have been, We don't know what they have been through, We don't know how much they hurt, But with a little help and love perhaps we can at least try to make it better. Because whatever we doing, and whomever we have elected its not working.



  1. Couldn't have said it any better myself. Gun laws don't apply to ILLEGALLY purchased weapons.Its easier for a kid on the streets to get one than it is for a law abiding adult.People need to stand strong and stand TOGETHER and take back the streets of their neighborhoods. Make it so damn uncomfortable and difficult for these thugs that they don't wanna be here anymore. Work WITH law enforcement and get local government and churches involved. These gangbangers have so much pain n abuse inside but they are still human and capable of change. LOVE the hate right outta their souls!

  2. Ray you are so right on the money with this!!!

  3. RR, excellent comments! So much BS in this city and no one is doing a thing. A sad reflection on this city!

  4. AMEN sickens me when I hear little babies are being shot...being caught in the crossfire. Let's take the gangs to soldier field and let them shoot it out there once and for all. Bring peace back to our city.

  5. Very well put and everybody should be able to understand this and agree with your words. What has this place come to?!?

  6. That is the exact neighborhood I grew up in! I used to swim at the pool there 3 days a week and go to camp there in the summer. It saddens me that it has become a war zone and the people who live there now have to fight to stay alive every day. How can we keep guns off the streets when the gang bangers have unlimited funds from selling drugs to buy guns??? We need to stop sending money everywhere else and keep it here to help our own people and neighborhoods.