Monday, September 23, 2013

My daughters in jail!

That's how she describes her Dorm at her college. And I have to tell you for what this college is costing she should have 5 star accommodations.

I went to school at Columbia in Chicago and had an apartment downtown, So I never lived the dorm life. Unless you count my 15 minutes at Arizona state. Her suite mates (4 girls share a bathroom) are pigs. And I have to say her and her roommate (a very lovely young lady from Long Island don't seem all that tidy either).

At the start of the school year, I guess there was a little dust up between the suitemates. I mean one kid is from Chicago and one from New York, I would hope they can stand their ground.

This weekend was the first time I saw Cheyenne's room and its a little rough. But looking back at it I lived 6 months in a tent in Colorado and took baths in a river, however my folks weren't paying insane amounts of money for the accommodation's...... ah well.

The cool thing is the kids doing fine working on her future and it seems she has a roommate that's a perfect fit.

Its cool to see people chase dreams, It gains instant respect.

My job now is just remind her how silly Nashville is and how to decipher the difference between who is real, and what is just fake Nashville crap.

We spent Saturday feeding her non College food and stocking up her fridge and popcorn supplies. I think the Girls dig the school although they did tell me they think jail cells have better accommodation's, I hope for her sake she never finds that out!(unlike her old man when he was in college)

If you have young kids try and save for school, It ain't cheap!


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  1. I agree, you must teach her to figure out what is real and what is crap! My daughter was pretty lucky with her dorm mate. Both were there to learn and equally shared cleaning duties. We sent our kids to private schools for 12 years so we were not able to pay for college, but we did pay the interest and helped with rent and food when she and roommate moved to an apartment. We hoped that if she paid her own tuition she would be less likely to party and throw her own money away, she was pretty responsible to begin with and was lucky to earn a scholarship freshman and junior year. Thankfully, we were right. She even got a job while at NIU in the rec center. She earned her degree in Corporate Communications and we couldn't be more proud of her. We did the same with our son and he earned his Masters in School Administration as well as a Bachelor's in Physical Education. He was more of the party animal, but also got a job for the extras. They both appreciate their education as are proud they accomplished their goals on their own dime. We all have to do what works for us. Cheyenne will do well and will be successful! These are stressful times for you, but you'll get through it. Say many prayers!!! Just kidding, I'm sure you raised her very well!