Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chicago back in the killing news! This time we have gone Worldwide!

Well here we go again, In Nairobi, The mall shooting and standoff continues. And while we revel in our headlines and our new Chicago "Slogan" Homicide capital of the nation,we now have a Chicago connection in the Kenya siege.

the Islamic group that attacked the mall was looking for more than an Ann Sather's pretzel. and are ya ready for this?

They have done most their recruiting from the Great Lakes region, Mostly Minnesota. And one of the men is identified Shaker Masri. he's from Chicago! The Streeterville neighborhood to be exact.

Perhaps we can now add that to our new found name. Good thing I'm the one they are frisking at the Bears games, Good thing I take my shoes off for security at the airport. Good thing the politicos want to take my guns.

Lets continue to over legislate the law abiding. As we can tell its been working really well (tongue in cheek)

Hey if all the Jihadists are coming here perhaps instead of Wisconsin this weekend I can do a weekend in Iran. Cant get much worse. Heck the way they behead people I bet the can clean the heck out of a fish.

If we didn't laugh we would die!



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