Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another story of why I'm misunderstood. Another in a series of how I got to be this way.

So Friday night I'm in Nashville, The sole purpose of this trip was for me to see my daughter. That is until my lunatic buddies got involved. What was supposed to be two days with my daughter was now a party with my lunatic friends.

So we go see a friends band play at the Wildhorse. Now you have to know something about me, No matter how well you think you know me from the radio. I don't take my kids to bars. They don't need to party, and they don't need to see me party. Period. And on this night we were drinking Diet Cokes.

But this band is awesome, and my kids a singer so I want her to see how these guys work the room.

This is an all ages restaurant. Its basically Chucky Cheeses with Music. No guy with any Country music Credibility would never be caught dead there. Unless his friends band is playing there and he wants to support them.

She's only 19, has no fake Id, and really other than when she's gigging doesn't go to clubs. the following  is what happened when a punk Tennessee  kid thinks he's a tough guy and he grabs the wrong Dads daughter in a tourist trap bar.

When you go into this bar, They write M in really big black marker on your hand if your a minor. No big deal, I get it. Its the law.

So Cheyenne goes to the lady's room and washes her hands like we taught her since she could comprehend. However I guess the overzealous bath room attendant (Whom she even tipped) thought she was trying to get the marker off.

She than tips off a bouncer that this rough kid, Who didn't know she was there with her dad was trying to scam the system of this joke bar. That's because every college kid wants to get a a buzz with all the 65 year olds that are there visiting from Opryland. Trust me no college kid goes to the Wildhorse looking for fun. It would be like me going camping and getting back to nature at the Busse Woods forest preserve. You get the idea.

That's when my daughter makes her way back to me with the bouncer in hot pursuit. When I see fear in my kids eyes she's 2 years old again and its time for me to protect her. Now here we are , its me, and 8 of my Chicago guys and the bouncer.

I wont go into details but I can tell you this, Don't mess with someone's kid at a family venue. Just because you have an ear piece doesn't mean you have authority to put your hands on someone.

I will go to jail, die, take a punch, do anything to protect my kid. In this case on this night this guy wishes that ear bud was a direct connection to God.

As we walk out my daughter says, Thanks daddy. Oh and this too, I love you.

If you go to Nashville hit the cool clubs on Broadway. And for the love of God don't go to the Wildhorse.


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