Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We are the losers my friend!

Ah I can recall opening day on the North side this year when "Hope sprung eternal" It was a beautiful day on the North side for baseball. It came with all the fanfare of an opening day with the Cubs. The Ricketts. The fans. The hope. Ah the hope.

Well here we are, Now I admit I'm a Sox fan but for some reason my boss seems to think they don't deserve our presence on opening day. I will also say that the Cubs have been very good to me. I like the Rickets and Crane Kenny is a good of a man as I know. And although its blaspheme to say in this town when your a Sox fan, I really wish the Cubs would win a World Series. The fans deserve it.

My dad who's growing older by the second deserves it.  He was with me and witnessed a World Series but it was my team not his. If it were the cubs I think we would lose him. My sister would just cry. These fans have suffered long enough!

So my question is this, Why don't We in the media do a closing day broadcast? So we can celebrate our disappointment. I mean we are there every home opener, The Ivy is brown, its cold but alas there is hope. But its the end and there is no  hope. There's no press conference of a Jason Aldeen concert.
Tom Tunney still thinks he's in control(and that just proves that delusion runs rampant near the friendly confines)!

If you think the beer sale are good in the beginning just think how good they would be at closing time.

We could all brag on the fact that the Bears are 3-0, We need to brag on that now before we have to play the Packers. We can take solace that our beloved Blackhawks are the best this town has to offer and that hockey season starts next week. But in the end lets just take stock that when it comes to Americas past time we are LOSERS!

Oh and Sox fans 2005 is in the  rear view mirror let that one go. There's no future to holding on to holding on!

I'm sure my request for a "We are the losers" party will fall on deaf ears, But I will try. I will try for you the baseball fans of Chicago. I mean I have to try. at least we have hope that we can have on more party to toast our ineptitude.



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  1. Love it Ray, great idea!! We should celebrate mediocrity at the end of each season.....then let it hang with the Ricketts' and Reinsdorf all winter long. Maybe they will then make better moves and spend money more wisely in the offseason